New staff announcement - Wulfram Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing | St Wulfram, Grantham

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New staff announcement - Wulfram Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing

New staff announcement - Wulfram Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing

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Publish date Published on Thursday, 11 February 2021 14:21
New staff announcement - Wulfram Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing

We are very pleased to announce that Simon Chesters Thompson will be our new Project Co-ordinator for the Wulfram Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing. Working alongside Simon will be Anne-Marie Kerr who will be our Artist in Residence.  

We are in the process of setting up email and telephone contact details for Simon and Anne-Marie, until we have those details if you wish to contact either of them please email 

Simon Chesters Thompson

I’m very much looking forward to starting as the Project Co-ordinator for our Wulfram Centre for Wholeness & Wellbeing.  So, in advance of that start my new job day, I thought I should tell you a little about myself. 

I was born and brought up in Cheshire – that county of small green fields and black-and-white cows – and only moved east to Lincolnshire in 2006, when I became Curator for the National Trust’s East Midlands Region – an interesting job I held until quite recently. 

As NT curator, I was their specialist in old buildings, their contents and grounds; and worked alongside the conservators, building surveyors and land agents.  But it also brought me into contact with the wonderful volunteers upon whom the NT relies – some of whom I interviewed and helped train.   

However, my work background had originally been in estate management, though I quickly changed to specialise in antiques and went to work in Sotheby’s London salerooms.  Clocks and furniture were my particular things, although I saw all sorts of wonderful objects on my work travels.   

But then, with a one-year-old daughter and our son soon to arrive, we left the street lights and sirens of south London for a life in the country when I went to work as a valuer and auctioneer for Bonhams in Chester, covering North-West England and North Wales.

We now have three children – although only our youngest is still at school – and my wife works locally in educational finance.  All very convenient as we live just a few miles out of Grantham, with St Wulfram’s amazing spire often in view on our favourite nearby walks.    

I was actually involved early on in St Wulfram’s Sacred Space, Common Ground project, so am now delighted the Wulfram Centre for Wholeness & Wellbeing will have its home in the National Trust’s Grantham House.  It’s going to be a big thing, and I of course have had some ideas for it, but first I want to meet you all – because I know you will have had many, too. 

Anne-Marie Kerr

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Anne-Marie Kerr and I am really looking forward to working with Father Stuart and his team as the artist in residence based at Grantham House.

I have lived and worked within the Grantham area for the past 25 years having moved here because of my husband’s work. This is where we brought our 2 sons up and where we call home.

As a mother and in my teaching career spanning 20yrs, I have always been involved in community projects; Grantham House Centre for Wholeness and Wellbeing gives me a wonderful opportunity to share my ideas and generate community centred art-based activities. Inclusivity is something that I feel very passionately about and look forward to being able to work with children, adults, individuals, families, groups and organisations within Grantham and the surrounding area.

I am always making something or drawing, from wood turning to sculpture or designing garden buildings to ceramics. I am also a very keen photographer using both digital and film cameras. As part of my role, I want to share my skills and encourage people to come to Grantham House and take part in workshops and community events – a creative hub in the centre of town accessible to all!

It may be a little while before we are able to take full advantage of the new facility so in the meantime, I am planning some on-line art-based activities to get everyone ready for when we can move into Grantham House. Please look out for the workshops and if you have any requests please get in touch.  Can’t wait to get started!!