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The Parish Church of St Wulfram
Church Street
NG31 6RR


Parish Office
01476 561342

The Organ

The organ at St. Wulfram's, used with permission © Roger Sleigh

Some church organs the size of St Wultram’s have their origins in instruments first constructed in the nineteenth century, and in rare cases even earlier. Almost all have been rebuilt a number of times. It is in the nature of such a complicated instrument that repairs are carried out every fifty years or so, and on these occasions, it is quite usual for improvements of some kind or another to be made.  The history of St. Wutfram’s organ follows that pattern, and is outlined as follows:

1736 A three manual (i.e. three keyboard) organ was placed on the screen in the centre of the church. Some pipes of this organ by Gyfiek still remain in use.

1809 Amongst other things George Pike England turned Byfield’s Echo organ into a Swell.

1851 This organ was enlarged, and in 1866 rebuilt in its present position in the north aisle by the Hull firm of Forster and Andrews.

1906 The organ was rebuilt, this time by the firm of Norman and Beard; splendid casework was provided by Waller Tapper. This, with modifications carried out in 1972, is essentially the same organ we know to today.  Laurence Etvin lamented the fact that the Choir and Solo divisions were both played from the same manual, so that the Choir organ ‘was not available for accompanimental purposes against the Solo. This had been a fairly serious shortcoming.  After the Second World War the firm of Rushworth and Dreaper (Liverpool) carried out restoration work and was responsible for including the 16′ Double Trumpet in the Swell Organ.

1972 Major work was carried out by Cousans of Lincoln.  New keyboard actions were fitted to replace those of 1906 and a ‘Positive’ section, useful mainly as solo stop combinations, replaced the Choir organ.  Dennis Thurlow carried out some re-voicing of the older stops.

1993/4 By now, major refurbishment was necessary, which would involve the complete dismantling of the instrument. This was the obvious opportunity to overcome the limitations of the 1906 instrument by fitting a fourth manual.  It proved possible to put in a new Choir division, which is used mainly for purposes of accompaniment.  The 1972 ‘Positive’ is now part of the Solo organ. The much talked about Tuba is also in place, but the 32′ pedal reed (Contra Posaune) is only ‘prepared for’. The work cost £100 000, and was carried out by Philip Wood & Son of Hudderslield. The Bishop of Grantham rededicated the organ in June 1994.

The instrument, always held in high regard in the past, is now without doubt one of the finest organs in Lincolnshire, thanks to the supporters of the 2000 AD Appeal, which provided the funds for this major restoration work.

Organ Specification – St. Wulfram’s Church, 1994

Great Organ

1 Double Open Diapason 16′
2 Open Diapason I 8′
3 Open Diapason II 8′
4 Stopped Diapason (Byfield) 8′
5 Octave 4′
6 Principal 4′
7 Harmonic Flute 4′
8 Twelfth 2 2/3′
9 Fifteenth 2′
10 Full Mixture (15,19,22,26) IV
11 Cymbal (26,29) II
12 Trumpet 8′
13 Clarion 4′
I Swell to Great
II Choir to Great
III Solo to Great

Swell Organ

14. Double Diapason 16′
15. Open Diapason 8′
16 Stopped Diapason 8′
17 Echo Gamba 8′
18 Unda Maris 8′
19 Gemshorn 4′
20 Lieblich Flote 4′
21. Nasard 2 2/3′
22 Fifteenth 2′
23 Mixture (15,19,22) III
24 Double Trumpet 16′
25 Trumpet 8′
26 Oboe 8′
27 Clarion 4′
IV Tremulant
V Swell Octave
VI Swell Unison Off
VII Solo (Enclosed) to Swell


VIII Great & Pedal combs coupled
IX Swell & Pedal combs coupled
X Generals on Swell Toe Pistons
Eight thumb pistons to each manual
Eight toe pistons to Pedal
Eight toe pistons to Swell or General
Eight programmable memories
Eight General Pistons with 32 level stepper system
Four stepper thumb pistons (+)
One stepper toe piston (+)
One stepper thumb piston (-)
General Cancel Piston

Reversible Thumb Pistons

Solo to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Solo (Enclosed) to Swell
Swell to Great
Choir to Great

Choir Organ

28 Stopped Diapason 8′
29 Suabe Flute 4′
30 Principal 4′
31 Fifteenth 2′
32 Larigot 1 1/3′
33 Mixture (22,26,29) III
34 Cremona 81
Trumpet [Gt] 8′
Clarion [Gt] 4′
XI Tremulant
XII Swell to Choir
XIII Solo to Choir
XIV Solo (unenclosed) to Choir
Solo Organ (enclosed)
35 Clarabel 8′
36 Viol d’Orchestre 8′
37 Voix Celeste 8′
38 Stopped Flute 4′
39 Vox Humana 8′
40 Orchestral Oboe 8′
41 Clarinet 8.
XV Tremulant
Solo Organ (unenclosed)
42 Koppel Flote 8′
43 Flute 4′
44 Nasard 22/3′
45 Block Flote 2′
46 Tierce 1 3/5′
47 Trumpet {Gt] 8′
48 Clanon [Gt] 4′
49 Tuba 8′
XVI Tremulant
Pedal Organ
50 Sub Bourdon 32′
51 Open Diapason (Wood) 16′
52 Violone 16′
53 Bourdon 16′
54 Violoncello 8′
55 Bass Flute 8′
56 Choral Bass 4′
57 Mixture (15, 19,22) III
58 Contra Posaune (Ext) (Prepared for) 32′
59 Ophicleide 16′
60 Trombone 16′
61 Posaune (Ext) 8′
XVII Solo to Pedal
XVII Great to Pedal
XVIII Swell to Pedal
XVI Choir to Pedal
Solo to Great
Swell to Choir
Solo to Choir
Solo (Unenclosed) to Choir

Reversible Toe Pistons

Great to Pedal
Swell to Great
Ophicleide 16′
Contra Posaune 32′

Recent Organists

Stephen John Mundy   1941-1961

Philip Lank   1961-1983

Nicholas Kerrison   1984-1988

John Ball   1988-1992

John Wilkes   1992-1996

Ian Major   1996-1997

Philip Robinson   1997-2001

Michael Sands   2002-2007

Tim Williams   2008-


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