A Welcome to St Wulfram's.

It's good to welcome you to St Wulfram's website. St Wulfram's is an ancient site of prayer and pilgrimage with a living heritage today.

Here are a few things which might be helpful for you to know about us: We're a diverse congregation of all ages and from all backgrounds. As Jesus welcomed all people, so we too welcome all people regardless of their background. We're a place where all your senses will be fully engaged in the worship of God. You may smell incense, hear beautiful music, experience silence and stillness and see people using gestures as a way to express the inexpressible during our services. We’re a place exploring how to serve our parish and neighbourhood with acts of compassion along with expressing justice locally and globally. We’re friendly, we will make every effort to welcome you, but we will try to respect your space. Thank you for choosing to explore our website, and we hope to see you in St Wulfram’s very soon.

Fr Stuart


Grantham ARK - we are proud to be involed with this new initiative to help reduce the number of people homelss and living on the streets of Grantham.  Please click HERE for more details about Grantham ARK.

Upcoming Activities