St. Wulfram's as a Location

Range of locations and backdrops

The list of possible locations is endless, the magnificent interior of the vast nave of St Wulfram’s to the smaller ornate chapels, the stark medieval beauty of the Crypt and the Trigge Library. (The UK’s first public library, still with its chained books. Surrounded by medieval and Georgian buildings and medieval streets.)

Facilities at St Wulfram’s and Grantham

St Wulfram’s Grantham is in the glorious county of Lincolnshire, with excellent transport links by road, rail and air.

Grantham offers excellent facilities for productions of all sizes Grantham also offers a wide range of accommodation, from fine hotels to self-catering accommodation.

Filming enquiries

To discuss filming opportunities in more detail and to arrange site visits, please contact us by email or on 01476 561342

Photography information

Commercial stills photography is welcome, under appropriate licence, and can easily be accommodated. Please contact the Parish Office at or on 01476 561342