Welcome to St. Wulfram's

A place where ancient ritual interprets our contemporary life. You will, we hope, be struck by the beauty and holiness of the church the grace of our liturgy, the relevance of the preaching and the warm welcome.

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We are a parish church deeply committed to the transforming power of worship. We strive to achieve a ‘beauty of holiness’ in our rituals, readings, prayers and symbolic actions known as the “liturgy”.

At St Wulfram’s, worship stands at the heart of who we are, what we do and what God is asking us to become. We believe that in worship, both personal and corporate, our hearts and minds are opened to the work of the Holy Spirit. Three streams of spirituality combine in St Wulfram’s to give us a shape to our worship. First and foremost, in order to become Christ’s Body for the world we are fed with the body and blood of Christ at the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is our primary act of worship on Sundays and other Feast Days. Secondly, we say or sing the Daily Office (Morning Prayer) which includes readings from the Bible and prayers for the world. Finally, we engage in personal devotions: the private prayer of each individual which express that deep, unique relationship to God in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Some will want to express this relationship in groups, others in contemplation and meditation, and still others in adoration.

As our approach to worship is intentional, we celebrate the different seasons by using different prayers and forms of worship. Many people put in numerous hours each week contributing to every aspect of our liturgy. Currently, we are exploring the use of silence during worship so that we can concentrate on what is taking place in the present, rather than rushing to the next thing. We listen, we engage, we reflect, and then we move on together.

We are a people who, by drenching ourselves in worship, are drawn together so that we can be sustained, renewed, and inspired. So transformed by worship, we can then be God’s people sent out in service to God’s world.