Solar Panel Project

The Project

Over the past 12 months+ we have been working on multiple projects to help with our vision. This has culminated in our current Solar Panel Project. Our average yearly electricity consumption is 34950kWh. This project will see 78 Solar Panels fitted to the central nave roof and the north aisle roof, along with 9 Pylon tech Lithium-Ion Batteries. This will help offset our consumption.

Whilst the headline of our component list is 78 Solar Panels there are over 490 individual components that are needed to make this project a reality. 

On average it costs £500 per day to keep St Wulfram's Church open, a secondary benefit of this project will be the substantial reduction in the cost of lighting the Church.  The use of the batteries means that we can store power generated. 

This project will not only help us move closer to becoming Carbon Neutral it will also play an important part in helping us reduce our expenses.  Once fitted, the savings we make should mean that the project will have paid for itself withing the first 3 to 4 years.

Why are we doing this?

St Wulfram's Church is committed to finding ways to becoming Carbon Neutral. Our Creation Care group have been working on our Routemap and how we can achieve the 2030 Carbon Neutral target, whilst respecting the parameters of our Grade 1 listed building.

In February 2020 the General Synod voted for the whole of the Church of England to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. The vote recognised that the global climate emergency is a crisis for God’s creation and a fundamental injustice.

The Synod asked for a plan to be made, setting out how to get to net zero carbon. That plan of action, called the Routemap, and high energy users within the Church have been asked to draw up a programme of action based on the Routemap, and called for progress reports to Synod every three years.

Can you help?

The estimated cost of this project is £60,000. We hope to raise the majority of the capital required through grants and donations.

Through sponsorship we are hoping to raise 25% of the money required for this project

Each panel is constructed of 120 photovoltaic cells.  To help make this project possible we are inviting you to become a sponsor, either through sponsoring a single cell or an 1/8 of a panel.

Sponsorship doesn't just have to be for yourself. You could sponsor on behalf of someone else or on behalf of a company/organisation. There is no limit to the number of cells or 8ths that you can sponsor.

Please click HERE to sponsor single cells at £2.50 each.

Please click HERE to sponsor 1/8 of a panel at £25.00 each.

In recognition of your generous sponsorship the sponsors name will be added to the sponsors list on this board, and in our Parish magazine - don't worry you can stay anonymous if you would prefer.