Windows | St Wulfram, Grantham

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The windows afford excellent examples of geometrical tracery from the Early Gothic period, flowing tracery from the Decorated period, and five Perpendicular windows. Virtually no glass survives from medieval times but there are ten Victorian windows by Kempe and others, and four contrasting modern compositions including John Hayward”s 1970 Christ Walking on the Water.


Virtually no glass survives from medieval times but there are Victorian windows by Clayton & Bell, Kempe and others, ten of them in all if we include those by Kempe & Tower designed as late as 1920 and 1931!  There are four modern compositions from the 1960s and 1970s including Harry Harvey’s ‘War in Heaven’ and John Hayward’s striking depiction of Christ walking on the water with the drowning Peter.

 Equally interesting is the range of tracery to be found in the windows. Indeed, St Wulfram’s possesses a series of excellent examples showing the development of window tracery throughout the Gothic period in England: relatively simple Geometrical designs from c.1250-1300; wonderful flowing tracery of the Decorated period (mid-14th century) in the four Lady Chapel windows; and five windows c.1400 in the peculiarly English Perpendicular style.

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