Peregrines at St Wulfram's

Welcome to the Peregrines at St Wulfram's Church.

We were fortunate to have the services of Chris Skipper, from the Cromer Peregrine Group, on 12 December 2020 who came to install new state of the art cameras and monitoring systems. These will enable us to show all four walkways of the church tower and the nest tray using a zoom, pan and tilt facility operated by the peregrine team.

We are grateful to the Lincolnshire Bird Club for funding this exciting new equipment.

For more videos of the peregrines at St Wulfram's Church and information about the Lincolnshire Bird Club please CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Unfortunately the pair who were seen often around the nest tray this year appear to have decided to nest elsewhere. We will keep the cameras live for as long as possible - even if only to see what the view is like from the tower and what the weather is like! We are hoping for better luck in 2022. 


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Peregrines have been present at St Wulfram’s for over 13 years with first nest being here in 2007.

The last time that chicks fledged from the nest here was in 2012.  With vital work to the spire required the birds were not able to nest here for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.  Unfortunately, the birds have not successfully nested during the past few years, but we know, through hearing their calls and evidence of their food remains, that they are never far away.

The nest site, known as an eyrie, is usually on a grassy or earthen cliff-ledge, quarry, or other inaccessible undisturbed location.  Buildings and other constructions are increasingly being used.  The nest itself is a slight scrape in earth or old debris on the nest ledge. No material is brought in to build a nest. The female forms the scrape using her chest and legs.

The Peregrines have chosen us—the tray has not been installed to encourage them to nest here. 


The installation of the camera and monitoring of the peregrines at St Wulfram’s is carried out by The Lincolnshire Bird Club and we are grateful for their interest and involvement.